Mighty Mugg - Borg Drone

Making Of

Step 1: Collecting reference

After doing a search on Google images I found most online images of Borg are very dark, low resolution and/or blurry, so

I decided to base this Borg drone on the character 'Hugh' from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled 'I, Borg'

(I had access to the episode on DVD and he appears well lit throughout)

Step 2: Design

When I designed this custom, I tried to retain as much as the 'mugg style' as possible. For this reason I decided early on

not to remove any parts from the original mugg and only add extra elements on top of what was already there.

Step 3: Purchase

Luckily I found another Obi-wan Kenobi mugg for sale locally.

Step 4: Cleaning

After opening the box up I gave Obi-wan a thorough cleaning.

Step 5: Sanding

Although this probably wasn't necessary, I sanded Obi-wan's paint off leaving a bare mugg. Even though I used a fairly fine sand paper,

this did leave some scratches on his body - which in turned worked well for a base Borg texture.

Step 6: Undercoating

For this project I got myself a small hobby airbrush. Since I hadn't used an airbrush in over a decade I took the opportunity to get used to it again

by doing the black undercoat with it. I did two coats to make sure it was covered all over.

Step 7: Masking and painting 1

Using household food plastic wrap (Aka 'cling-film', 'glad wrap', 'saran wrap' etc..) I marked out where I wanted the skin to be. I then masked this

with masking tape and cut away the plastic wrap I didn't want and airbrushed in the face skin.

I just did a quick masking tape mask for the skin area on top of the head and left hand and airbrushed these in carefully.


Step 8: Masking and painting 2

Next I masked and airbrushed the dark panels on the body.

Step 9: Masking and painting 3

Masked and airbrushed the lighter panels on the head.

At this point I got a little tired of all the masking and airbrushing so I penciled in the face and hand painted it on.

Step 10: Masking and painting 4

Back to masking and painting part one of the lighter panels on the body.

Step 11: Masking and painting 5

Part two of the lighter panels on the body.

Step 12: Masking and painting 6

After all that masking and painting on the body and head I masked off the right hand for the silver paint (Since I didn't want to get silver on any of the parts

I'd already painted this required an almost total body mask!)

Step 13: Decals and pipes

At this point I decided the remaining body and head details were just too small and fiddly to mask and airbrush so I printed up some decals on sticker paper.

I also started adding the PVC hoses by drilling holes into the mugg and running some light weight aluminium wire inside the hoses.

Step 14: Battery pack

I started with a 1.5V mini bulb, a switch, wire and an AA battery holder.

Unfortunately I broke the bulb whilst wiring so in the end opted for a ~3V LED and made my own 2x AAA battery enclosure with Super Sculpey.

Step 15: Cable pins and ocular implant

I used some cable pins to keep the PVC pipes in place.

The ocular implant was madde out of balsa wood, Super Sculpey and tracing paper and houses the red LED.

16: Clean up

Painted out a few scratches with a brush and tested the LED.